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A wave of copper prices, to the PCB industry to bring what changes
Visit:2941 Date:2017-07-25
Electronic grade copper foil is one of the basic materials of the electronics industry, mainly used for printed circuit board (PCB), CCL (CCL) and lithium batteries, flexible circuit board (FPC) and other products. The PCB downstream industry covers a wide range, including computers, communications, consumer electronics, packaging substrates, automotive electronics, industrial medicine, aerospace and other fields.

Since July this year, the downstream PCB industry into the industry season, iPhone8, Huawei Mate10, Meizu PRO7, millet Note3 and many other new models this year will further drive the three quarters of the peak season PCB demand, laying copper and CCL prices basis. By comparing the domestic PCB manufacturers quarterly revenue data, we found that the seasonal complexity of the PCB industry is more obvious, generally three or four quarters of revenue to enhance the third quarter reached a high point. In addition to consumer electronics, automotive electronics and communications PCB demand is also growing steadily, leading the overall PCB industry stable demand.

In recent years, with the consumer electronics terminal market transfer, the global electronics industry chain from Europe and the United States to Japan, from Japan to South Korea, from the Korean platform to the mainland is also the order of the transfer. PCB industry downstream, China's mainland enterprises in the low-end products dominated by the output value of the global accounting for nearly 50%, the industry's most solid strength. Therefore, the mature development of China's PCB industry is also easy to improve the entire electronics industry.

In the lithium copper foil, according to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers to provide, from January to June 2017, new energy vehicles production and sales of 212,000 and 19.5 million, an increase of 19.7% and 14.4%. Of which pure electric vehicle production and sales 175,000 and 160,000, an increase of 30.4% and 26.2%. Lithium copper foil as a new energy car lithium battery main raw materials, driven by the new energy car market, with the growth of new impetus.

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