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FPC, also known as flexible circuit board, is a polyimide or polyester film made of a substrate with a high degree of reliability, excellent flexible printed circuit board. Referred to as soft board or FPC, with a high wiring density, light weight, thin thickness characteristics. Mainly used in mobile phones, laptops, PDA, digital cameras, LCM and many other products.

The basic characteristics of flexible circuit boards:
Flexible circuit is small in size and light in weight. On the current cutting-edge electronics assembly board, flexible circuits are usually the only solution to meet miniaturization and mobility requirements. Flexible circuits (sometimes referred to as flexible printed circuits) are etched copper substrates or printed polymer thick film circuits on the substrate of the polymer. For thin and light, its compact and complex devices, its design solutions include from single-sided conductive lines to complex multi-layer three-dimensional assembly. The total weight and volume of flexible assembly is reduced by 70% compared to conventional round wire harness methods. The flexible circuit can also increase its strength by using a reinforcing material or liner to achieve additional mechanical stability. The flexible circuit can be moved, bent, twisted without damaging the wires, and can follow different shapes and special package sizes. Its only limitation is volume space. Because it can withstand millions of times of dynamic bending, flexible circuits can be well suited for continuous or regular motion of the internal system, as part of the final product function. Rigid PCB solder joints on the role of mechanical stress, after hundreds of cycles will fail. "Demand for electrical / power movement, while some products with smaller form factor / package size, are benefiting from flexible circuits," said Randy Lia, Shel-dahl product manager. Flexible circuit with excellent electrical properties Dielectric properties Heat resistance Flexible circuit provides excellent electrical performance. New York chief executive Don friedman said. "The lower dielectric constant allows fast transmission of electrical signals; good thermal performance ensures the cooling performance of the components; higher glass conversion temperatures or melting points allow the components to run at higher temperatures."

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