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China's first high-end COF production line settled in Xuzhou, leading the localization of flexible circuit boards!
Visit:3174 Date:2017-07-25
COF (Chip On Film) often called flip chip. Is the use of flexible circuit board for the packaging chip carrier, the chip directly into the flexible integrated circuit inside the technology.

The so-called flexible circuit boards, that is, thin and soft circuit boards, usually copper foil as a substrate, is now widely used in mobile phones, tablet PCs and other digital products.

Compared to the general flexible circuit board, COF package out of the integrated circuit, line width line more sophisticated, more integrated.

Signed a total investment of 3.5 billion

The contracted COF project total investment will reach 3.5 billion. The project will build a modern intelligent factory, the introduction of international production team, the introduction of imported professional production and testing equipment. The product will use the industry's most advanced single-sided addition process, double-sided addition process to produce 10 micron level single, double-sided tape with COF products, the whole process to roll volume automated production.

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