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Shenzhen enterprises to speed up the layout of the flexible circuit board industry
Visit:3343 Date:2017-07-25
In the electronic product supply chain upstream of the circuit board, the core technology has long been monopolized by foreign-funded enterprises, but this right to speak is loosening signs. Reporters learned yesterday that up to the electronics, King Wang and other enterprises in Shenzhen to increase independent research and development, is expected to achieve Baotuan breakout, in the field of flexible circuit boards (FPC) to seize the market more opportunities.

Flexible circuit boards have become one of the fastest growing sub-sectors in the printed circuit board industry. In consumer electronics, FPC is everywhere, mainly used in small, portable, wearable devices such as mobile phones, PCs, unmanned aerial vehicles and even Car terminal. Data show that in 2016 the global FPC output is expected to reach 13.5 billion US dollars. Industry insiders said that in 2017, FPC industry into the release period, 2018 will usher in the outbreak period. According to IDTechEx predicts that by 2020, the flexible circuit board (FPC) market size will reach 26.2 billion US dollars.

FPC continue to face the expansion of the profit margins, up, Jing Wang and other Shenzhen circuit board manufacturers have ahead of the layout, expand production capacity, and increase R & D investment. Among them, up to electronic in Hubei Huangshi built photoelectric new material industrial park, a total investment of 2.5 billion yuan, covers an area of 300 acres. With the second production line of the base, the monthly production of flexible circuit boards will rise from the existing 100,000 square meters to 150,000 square meters, which is equivalent to 10 million mobile phones to provide a module of raw materials.

As an indispensable accessories for terminal electronics, FPC's core technology has been monopolized by Japan, Europe, America and other countries. FPC products currently part of the core raw material technology, such as flexible CCL, conductive film, shielding film is still in the hands of foreign-funded enterprises. However, the up, Jing Wang and other enterprises in Shenzhen has been with the Pearl River Delta industrial advantages, to achieve the FPC production technology breakthroughs, and in some core areas have been improved.

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