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Flexible circuit board favored by the iPhone five shares increased the most benefit
Visit:3158 Date:2017-07-25
Flexible circuit boards favored by the iPhone demand outbreak just around the corner

According to reports, LG's materials and components of the company's FPCB (flexible circuit board) design and development is about to complete, plans next year mass production. FPCB is tailored for the 2018 iPhone, LG hopes to be among the ranks of Apple suppliers. Industry believes that flexible circuit boards become an indispensable component of OLED, the relevant demand will increase with the OLED penetration and the outbreak. Dongshan Precision (002384) through the acquisition of MFLX cut into the field of flexible circuit boards; Jing Wang Electronics (603228) flexible circuit board products include OPPO, VIVO and other well-known mobile phone manufacturers.

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