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To ensure the supply of Apple's own procurement PCB production equipment
Visit:3146 Date:2017-07-25
According to The Investor, Apple has recently purchased expensive production equipment for the rigid-flex printed circuit board (RFPCB), which is a key component of the unpacked OLED iPhone's new machine. The chip, display, and camera And other components connected.

This tens of millions of dollars worth of procurement has aroused the concern of the industry. It is reported that Apple did not produce factories to install these devices, more importantly, it has been planned from the three suppliers to obtain RFPCB components.

According to industry sources, Apple has leased production equipment to suppliers to ensure that the company can get the required parts in a timely manner. It has been reported that the listing of the new iPhone may be delayed because of the difficulties in the supply of key components such as chips and OLED panels.

According to ET News, Apple RFPCB's three suppliers are from Taiwan, one of which recently decided to withdraw. As for the reasons for the withdrawal, the supplier did not disclose, according to sources said that because of Apple's strict quality requirements and low profit to make the exit decision.

To fill the gap, Apple has found two South Korean suppliers Interflex and Youngpoong Electronics to ensure the supply of RFPCB, but the company will still find new suppliers in Korea. Apple is expected to order 100 million RFPCB components this year.

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