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PCB production costs rise, so good laser light machine can reduce costs
Visit:2976 Date:2017-07-25
In the current market environment, the development trend on the PCB industry divergent views. Some people say that in this technology threshold of the ultra-high industry, not their own intellectual property, it is equivalent to empty gloves white wolf, a million years, failed from the moment into the doomed, and ultimately eat their fruit. It has also been said that PCBs are becoming more widely used in the fields of computers and communications, consumer electronics, automotive, military and aerospace, and medical applications, and the market demand has increased significantly.

In fact, with the increasing number of the electronics industry, PCB circuit board industry trends are gradually moving toward a good direction, people continue to improve the pursuit of life, every electronic products are inseparable from the circuit board and circuit boards, so the circuit board The market environment is very broad.

As a PCB circuit board production process in a process, laser light painting machine is a set of laser optics, microelectronics technology and ultra-precision machinery in one of the phototypesetting products, used in the photoreal film to draw a variety of graphics, images, text Or symbols.

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