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Printed Circuit Board Rejuvenation Focus on Listed Companies
Visit:3323 Date:2017-07-25
Since the beginning of 2017 since the printed circuit board industry as a whole to pick up the chain of supply and demand, we believe that the current printed circuit board industry is in a new round of the boom cycle, from the following aspects:

Upstream since the beginning of April this year, due to the downstream price to withstand the pressure and inventory processing and other comprehensive factors, copper prices fell, the current price of about the current price of about 2050 yuan, the highest price of 110 yuan / For the 60-70 yuan / kg.

Recently we get the exact news from the industry chain, a number of copper suppliers to increase the order price of 1000 ~ 2000 yuan / ton, price increases are highlighted. We believe that the previous price of raw materials have oversold ingredients, taking into account the industry off-season will be, while the copper foil manufacturers will be capacity adjustment, and smooth price transmission mechanism will make the bargain-off advantages of the leading CCL and printed circuit board manufacturers to Homeopathic shift the pressure of rising raw material costs, so as to obtain greater flexibility to enhance the performance of space.

Downstream applications: a number of sub-sectors printed circuit board market demand growth rate of more than two digits or more, to promote the industry chain boom up the new kinetic energy: ① new energy and electronic trends to accelerate the automotive printed circuit Plate market size will reach more than 100 billion; automotive electronics certification cycle is long, the threshold is high, the new energy vehicles are expected to pull the printed circuit board market billions of incremental; ② small pitch LED market boom continued upward, multi-layer printed circuit board Strong demand; ③ mobile communication technology iterative fast, high-density small base station construction drive high value-added printed circuit board demand; ④ China's high-end server market, high-speed, high-standard printed circuit board products growing demand. In addition, the consumption / automotive electronics to promote the volume and price of FPC Qi Sheng, domestic outstanding manufacturers are expected to take advantage of the sky.

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