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Samsung's flexible curved screen mobile phone come out, is the future of mobile phone flexible circuit board new trend
Visit:2937 Date:2017-07-25
From last year to see Samsung's flexible curved screen mobile phone come out, vaguely think this is the future trend of mobile phones. As a flexible circuit board only a listed company, in the letter who I found the year to play the feeling of technology. Look at the current Huichuan more cattle, the highest increase ten times. Hong letter the same, we will eventually beat Europe and South Korea and Japan these enterprises. Domestic alternative is the trend, Huawei, BOE, Hong letter, car made, these electronic products are complementary chain of industries, the future of China's high-end manufacturing and now Gree, SAIC, Haier. Remember the fourth quarter of the revenue is the most Niubi, it is likely to falc growth to more than 600 million. Last year the company revenue 1 billion dollars, this year in accordance with the 75 percent increase in revenue this year, 1.8 billion, earnings per share of 0.58, according to 125 percent, this year earnings per share 1.3. Niubi, it is estimated that this is the company's conservative forecast.

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