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What is the meaning of flexible circuit boards and rigid circuit boards?
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Printed circuit board according to the production of materials can be divided into rigid printed circuit board and flexible printed circuit board. Rigid printed boards are phenolic paper laminates, epoxy paper laminates, polyester glass felt laminates, epoxy glass cloth laminates. Flexible printed circuit board, also known as flexible printed circuit board that FPC, flexible circuit board is a polyimide or polyester film made of a substrate with high reliability and high winding of the printed Circuit board. This circuit board heat dissipation is good, you can bend, fold, roll, but also in the three-dimensional space to move and stretch. It is possible to realize a reduction in weight, miniaturization and thinning by using FPC to reduce the volume, thereby realizing integration of the device and the wire connection. FPC is widely used in electronic computers, communications, aerospace and home appliances and other industries.

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